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   University of Pittsburgh  Academic Center for Excellence in Environmental Public Health Tracking




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Welcome to the University of Pittsburgh Academic Center in Excellence in Environmental Public Health Tracking (UPACE-EPHT).

UPACE-EPHT is one of four academic institutions funded by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to provide expertise in environmental public health surveillance. Since our inception in 2005, UPACE has worked with CDC and state and local governments to help develop, evaluate, and refine a national, integrated Environmental Public Health Tracking Network (EPHTN).

The EPHTN is a collection of state and national web-based systems that will enable the collection, integration, analysis, interpretation, and dissemination of data about environmental hazards, exposures to these hazards, and health effects that may be related to these exposures. This network will serve as an information resource for environmental and public health professionals, government agencies, legislators, community organizations, researchers, and the public to better facilitate decision making, evaluation, and policy development to prevent and control environmentally related health problems.